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The banner  emphasize men aged 18-45 to participate on Furaha Yangu campaign through HIV/AIDS testing.


T-MARC is sub granting Service Health and Development for People living positively with HIV/AIDS (SHDEPHA+Kahama (Recipient) to implement community mobilization, targeted SBCC interventions, and demand creation activities across the 20 wards in Kahama Town Council: Kahama Mji, Nyasubi, Nyihogo, Mhongolo, Malunga, Mhungula, Ngogwa, Wendele, Zongomela,Nyandekwa,Iyenze,Kilago,Kinaga,Kagogwa,Isagehe,Mwendakulima,Mondo,Nyahanga,Majengo and Busoka . The project aims to catalyze opportunities for Tanzanians to improve their health status by transforming socio-cultural norms and supporting the adoption of healthier behaviors through achievement of the following intermediate results;


•          Result 1: Improved ability of individuals to practice healthy behaviors

•          Result 2: Strengthened community support for health behaviors

•          Result 3: Improved systems for coordination and implementation of Social 

            and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) interventions

Community Health Worker (Julius John) conducting Interpersonal communication (IPC) sessions during Household visit.

Community Health Worker (Julius John) conducting Interpersonal communication (IPC) sessions during Household visit.


In this project SHDEPHA+KAHAMA will implement the project on targeted beneficiaries mentioned under by:

The beneficiaries of this project are categorized as follows;


Phase I

  1. PLHIV who know their status but are not yet taking ART

  2. Men aged 18-34

  3. Men aged 35-45

  4. Pregnant and lactating women (with children below 6 months)

  5. Youth aged 15–24, with a focus on adolescent girls and boys (15-18)


Phase II

i.                    All beneficiaries from Phase I, and

ii.                  All PLHIV (includes those initiated on ART, and those not yet on ART)

iii.                Mothers and caregivers of <5 children

iv.                Fathers and caregivers of <5 children

v.                  Young couples

vi.                Youth (10-14)


 Furaha yangu is a Test and treat all campaign launched in 29th June 2018 by Prime Minster Majaliwa Kasimu Majaliwa at Dodoma city.

Aim of Furaha yangu

  • Informing, Educating and Supporting Individual across the country to test and access to treatment.

  • Sensitizing and mobilizing youth and men to test for HIV/AIDS and immediately enroll to treatment if found positive.