A democratic community that is free of poverty, hunger and diseases and enjoys good quality of education, standards of living and social well-being.

Venance Muzuka   Program Director

Venance Muzuka
Program Director

SHDEPHA+ is an acronym for Service, Health, and Development for People living with HIV/AIDS. It is a national non-governmental organization, registered on 21 November 1994 with registration number SO 8216. SHDEPHA+ originated from the initiatives of fifteen people living with HIV/AIDS whose goal was to create a network and to mobilize resources to help people living with HIV/AIDS and to fight the spread of the disease. Although originally focusing on people living with HIV/AIDS, over the years SHDEPHA+ has expanded having over 65 branches countrywide and now covers people both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Each branch of SHDEPHA+ works independently, developing, managing and implementing its own projects; though all branches share one constitution and registration.

SHDEPHA+ Kahama branch, based in Kahama District, is among the 65 branches, was launched in 1999 and started independent operations in 2002. Since then, SHDEPHA+ Kahama branch has been working with both international and national donors, the local and central government, and other stakeholders in order to work toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



  • People living with HIV/AIDS

  • Orphans and vulnerable children and their caretakers

  • Women

  • Older people

  • Most at risk and mobile populations

  • Youth

  • Farmers and agro-pastoralists

  • Communities